How it works

Self service Kiosk for visitors

visitor management system maximizes your front desk’s efficiency by allowing the receptionist to work on other important projects while your visitors sign themselves in with the Sign in App.

Smooth visitor sign in flow

Visitors can now check into your office premises within seconds- it is that easy to use!

Showcase your branding

Captivate your visitors with your own logo and accent colors as soon as they enter the office building

Authentic visitor information

Diminish the chances of visitor putting in wrong details through phone number verification and photos.

Efficient time management

Magnify the productivity of your reception by saving staff time to focus on other work

Hassle free check in

No more chasing around hosts, as they will get an instant notification whenever their guests arrives

Our Features & Integrations

iVestibule is the best solution to optimize your visitor management process.

Temporary Staff Tracking

Track temporary staff such as substitute teachers or short-term contractors.

Self Serve Kiosks

Visitors are able to complete the entire sign-in process with little to no employee assistance.

Centrally Managed

The entire platform is manageable from a secure online portal.

Black & White Lists

Advanced access controls ensure the security of your facility by denying entry to blacklisted visitors.

Access Control

Allow clearance of limited or full access to desired guests and or employees.

FACE Scanning

Support for face scan for helping to host for identifying the visitor.